Crockett ISD School Bus Driver Charged With DWI

Parents trust school bus drivers to deliver their kids safe and sound. But a bus driver in the Crockett School District appears to have broken that trust.

Last Friday afternoon a Crockett school bus was involved in a minor accident at an intersection. At the accident scene, police made a startling discovery about the bus driver.

"While investigating the accident, a Crockett police officer detected the smell of alcohol. He performed a field sobriety test which the driver failed." Assistant Superintendent David Baxter told the East Texas News.

Forty-four year old Calvin Watson, a five year employee with the Crockett ISD was arrested and charged with DWI With A Child. There were no injuries, and the bus route was completed by another driver. The children were either released to their parents, or delivered home.

I asked the assistant superintendent if this incident will have an effect on the district's drivers.

"Stuart, I hope so. I hope this raises driver's levels of concern, and driver's level of responsibility. We're transporting other people's children. And for a person to feel like it's okay to consume any level of alcohol and then go out and transport other people's children, that's unacceptable."

In a written statement, Baxter says all Crockett ISD drivers must submit to an alcohol and drug test as part of their employment. The bus drivers are also subject to random testing.

"The ultimate responsibility again rests with the individual driver to make sure when they go pick up that bus and transport those children they're in the right frame of mind. And in this case, on this date, this driver he failed us horribly."

Baxter says Watson had no previous problems on the job. Watson remains on paid administrative leave pending an investigation and recommendation to the superintendent. He has been released from custody on a five thousand dollar bond.

Watson says with this incident occurring so close to the end of the school year, it will give the district more time to be a lot more selective on who is hired to drive their busses.