County Commissioner Says Flooding On County Road May Be Hard To Prevent

We now take a look at a small road in Western Angelina County that is prone to flooding.

If you live on Sand Flat Road, you can pretty much forget about driving from one end to the other. That's because residents say the road is prone to flooding.

County Commissioner Rick Harrison says the flooding has been going on for years.

"What I have found is that there has been a lot of clear cutting on the International Paper land adjacent to that. And the tops and brush have clogged up the creek going back towards the river." says Harrison.

At least as a temporary solution, the county commissioner decided to place two big piles of dirt on each side of the flooded portion of the road. That way people won't be tempted to drive through the flooded portion of the roadway.

Wesley Allen has been living here for 28 years. He's says the flooding is not only effecting the road, it threatening the delivery of the mail.

"I'd like to see some drainage ditches dug and get this water away from here. Our mail carrier has left us a note saying they was going to have to quit delivering mail because they couldn't travel through here, so we'd have to pick up our mail at the post office."

Harrison says the only solution for the road would be to build it up.

"What I'll have to do is wait until that flooding subsides or decreases there and build up the road, what road I've lost there. The flooding, I can't do anything about it. I've inquired about getting it relieved but I haven't had a success as yet."

Both ends of Sand Flat Road connect to Highway Seven. That means at least for the residents, they don't have to drive through this water. But all of those involved agree that it still would be nice to have the problem fixed.