Thieves steal funeral funds for East Texas mother killed in car wreck

Thieves steal funeral funds for East Texas mother killed in car wreck
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: Castrejon family
Source: Castrejon family

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - D-Pelo's Salon in Nacogdoches was raising funds for Erika Castrejon a mother of four killed in a car wreck last week when thieves stole the donated money.

Erendira Neri, who owns the salon said they had no idea the was money was missing until the family returned for the collections. They reviewed security footage, and realized the money being stolen was caught on camera. Now she hopes the public can help in getting the money back.

"Three people came into the salon, the first time to just ask about how much a cut was," Neri said. "The second time they came with another person, and distracted the person working with a photo on their phone, a third guy was standing by the bucket and eventually took it."

The salon has not pressed criminal charges, but they are hoping the thieves will hear the story of the cause they stole from, and return the money who deserves it.

"We want the public to know that these kids were between the ages of 15 and 18, so if there are parents out there watching this, and recognize them we ask to please turn them in," Neri said. "It has to do with the way they were raised. The family member that passed away has children, and they really needed that money."

D-Pelo's Salon said they will seek criminal charges if the money is not returned. The family of Erika Castrejon said when they heard the news of the stolen money they couldn't believe it. Raul Castrejon said the passing of his niece has been hard on the entire family.

"When the police came to notify our sister of the passing, it was devastating for our family," Castrejon said. "We are all just having such a difficult time processing what has happened, and for someone to take the money when the family is in need is just so hard."

He said they finally felt they had raised enough for the funeral, until word came that an entire donation bucket was gone. His wife Crisalva Castrejon said they hope justice is served.

"It was not fair what they did, but I really thank the people who helped and for the people still helping," Crisalva said.

The mourning family wants to thank everyone that has supported their family through this difficult time. Their message for D-Pelo's salon was to thank them especially for their effort.

"To all of those working there, do not be upset. We thank you so much for trying to help us, and we are so sorry something like this has happened, but we are still so appreciative," Crisalva Castrejon said.

Raul is asking for the thieves to turn themselves in, and earn their money the right way.

"There is just a right and wrong way to do this, and we just really hope that they will understand we were trying to do this the right way," Raul Castrejon said. "She leaves behind these children that we will now focus on raising."

Erika Castrejon's children range from age five to age nine. Their family will now take on custody and begin raising them.

In an attempt to return the money that was taken, D-Pelo's salon will donate all of their proceeds made Sunday, December 4th, 2016 to the Castrejon family and the children Erika leaves behind.

The salon is located 1629 South Street in Nacogdoches, or you can call 936-244-0786 for more information.

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