Law Enforcement Agencies Prepare for "CARE"

A wreck in Lufkin Tuesday slowed traffic for a while in the middle of a residential neighborhood. No one got hurt, but folks who saw the wreck say a woman driving a car got hit by the driver of a red SUV.

The folks who live on Calvert and Conn streets near Timberland Drive said they're tired of people speeding through their neighborhood.  Speeding is often to blame for many of the car crashes in that area.

Witnesses said the woman in the car ran a stop sign at the Calvert and Conn intersection.

The first holiday of the summer is less than a week away.  State troopers are stepping up highway patrol through the CARE program. CARE stands for the Combined Accident Reduction Effort.

Authorities are always on the lookout for dangerous drivers and traffic violators, but over the next few weeks they'll be out in full force for drunk drivers, motorists not buckled up, and especially speeders.

State trooper, Greg Sanches, said, "We have a lot more heavy traffic and so troopers will be out on the roads, being seen, and hoping that people will comply with the law."

The Combined Accident Reduction Effort is a partnership between all law enforcement agencies in Texas.