Healthcare concerns to be answered at second annual KTRE healthcare Hotline

Healthcare concerns to be answered at second annual KTRE healthcare Hotline

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Concerns over a change in power at the White House has many concerned over the healthcare coverage.

"They think they are going to come here and go through the entire process and in two months have it canceled but it is not like that," healthcare navigator Andrea Bauer said. "It is going to take a couple of years to change. You will not be losing anything that you have right now.

According to, over 2 million people have signed up in this year's open enrollment period that goes until January 31. An estimates 200,000 Texans have contacted one of the call center representatives in that same time. Many of these will not have to worry about any penalty.

"The penalty is $695 per adult and $347.50 per kid," Bauer said. "It could also be 2.5% of your income."

Those seeking to enroll in Texas may see sticker shock with Texas premiums going up by double digits.

"For the Affordable Care Act to work we do have to have a good balance between healthy and non-healthy people that are paying into insurance so eventually those premiums will start dropping," healthcare navigator Alejandra Padierna said. "It is unfortunate but in texas there are more sickly people using health insurance."

Padierna said despite the premiums going up East Texans should be okay.

"Their tax credits are also increasing so that  allows them to not be affected or even not affected at all," Padierna said.

The main concern for many of the people purchasing health insurance is the type of coverage they will have.

"A concern is the providers," Bauer said. "They want to keep their same doctor and they can't, but there is always options to work around it."

Padierna said that one thing they are seeing at Burke with Marketplace signups is that there are more primary care providers in Nacogdoches and Livingston then in Lufkin despite Lufkin being the population center.

"We are seeing a lot more specialist though," Padierna said. "We are not going to make people buy anything. We will go down the list with people of who is in the area based on the information we have."

The KTRE/ Burke Healthcare Hotline will be running Tuesday December 6 from 6-11 pm. Healthcare professionals will be answering phone calls about insurance questions. the number for the hotline is 1-844-692-8753.

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