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05/25/05 - Lufkin

Lufkin Police Investigating Business Burglaries

by Stuart Burson

Investigators believe the burglaries of two Lufkin businesses happened sometime between five o'clock Tuesday afternoon and early Wednesday morning. As much as ninety thousand dollars worth of merchandise was stolen from both Tim's Rental and next door neighbor Southern Fastening Systems.

"This probably isn't some of our local people doing this. This is probably a traveling group. Ever so often we'll have some come through and hit a major business and just clean them out. They know what they're doing, these are professionals." says Lufkin Police Corporal Wes Ross.

The manager of one of the businesses says the thieves came through a skylight, loaded up a lot of the equipment on the showroom floor onto the business' own pickup truck. Then they then made their way to a wall, busted through it, and then stole items from the business next door."

Based on how they pulled off the crimes, the burglars knew what they were doing.

"Both these business had alarms that were bypassed. They have a little bit of knowledge about how an alarm works, and they know how to get by it without it going off." said Corporal Ross.

Chock Taylor, the manager of Tim's Rental told us this is the first time his store's been hit. Police told him the two burglaries may be connected with others in East Texas.

"Up in Tyler, Duo-Fast got robbed two weeks ago, so they think it's all connected because they used the same type of ladder, coming in through the same way through the skylight so they think there's several of them. They think we were number five mater of fact."

By working together with other agencies now investigating recent similar break-ins, Corporal Ross thinks chances are pretty good they'll find out who is behind the Lufkin burglaries.

Ross tells us he's pretty sure there's a high demand on the black market for stolen tools. He says if someone can purchase a four or five hundred dollar tool for fifty dollars, they're not going to ask too many questions.

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