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05/25/05 - Lufkin

What Does It Take To Be A School Bus Driver?

by Stuart Burson

Several incidents involving school bus drivers have been making headlines lately.

Everything from allegations of drunk driving to fighting with students. But in Texas, schools have to follow specific rules when hiring bus drivers.

To become a school bus driver, the state requires a CDL license as well as an annual physical, a criminal history check, drug testing, and twenty hours in a certification course.

But for Lufkin drivers, it doesn't stop there. Especially when it comes to drug testing.

"We also test at higher levels than what we're required to by law. The law mandates that we have a certain percentage of our workforce be tested each year, and we test at a much higher percentage." says Lufkin ISD Director of Transportation Mike Jones.

Jones says fifty percent of his workforce is tested for alcohol and the other fifty percent is tested for drugs each year.

That's higher than what the law requires.

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