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05/26/05 - San Augustine

Officials Arrested Over Signs

Police Chief Ken Delacerda Police Chief Ken Delacerda
City Manager Duke Lyons City Manager Duke Lyons

by Donna McCollum

A perfect police record for two San Augustine officials could go away. They've been arrested for violating the state's transportation code. The law says it's a misdemeanor if 'municipal and county' owned motor vehicles are not 'properly marked.'

Police Chief Ken Delacerda drives an unmarked car, but is adamant he's not guilty of violating a state transportation code and plans to explain his reasons why in court. "I hope to have it resolved in open court so the whole world can know what the truth is," said Delacerda.

City Manager Duke Lyons thought it was all a joke until he got his own warrant. "It didn't make me happy. I hadn't been arrested in 64, almost 65 years and didn't plan on getting arrested now, but it happened."

Publisher of the East Texas Sun, E.M. Farrell filed the complaint. Farrell is known for appearing at city commission meetings trying to catch officials in the wrong. Recently he was told he could be arrested for disrupting those commission meetings. Farrell could not be reached for comment.

Lyons had signs for his car on order. They arrived the day after the complaint. "I didn't put any priority on it. It wasn't an issue that I needed to focus on in my opinion a whole lot," said Lyons.

Delecerda calls the complaint unjustified. The chief is also critical of Judge Betty Loggins. She issued an arrest warrant when she could have sent a summons. "I think it was a travesty. I think it was unnecessary not because I'm chief of police, but because of the pettiness of the offense, " said Delecerda.

Both men take pride in saying they're law abiding Americans. Lyons said, "I've held the highest clearances of the United States for anybody and didn't plan blemishing any record for something as sticker on a side of a door."

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