Price Of Gas Hurts RV Industry

The prices at the pump seem to be getting a little better every day. They are now below two dollars per gallon in some places around East Texas. Lots of drivers are noticing the difference.

Bob Mahoney said, "they have gone down a little bit. Which is good because I travel to Nacogdoches and back every day and it has gone down."

The difference between $2.10 a few weeks ago and $2 now is a good difference, but some say it's still not good enough.

Bob Baggett, owner of ARVEE Service, said, "that's not enough. They need to get their prices back down to about where they were."

Baggett owns an RV dealership in Lufkin. He says high gas prices are devestating to the RV industry.

Baggett said, "the recreational vehicle industry pretty well lives and breathes on fuel. Fuel prices are high, people cut the length of their trips down, motorhomes don't sell as well, travel trailers are moderate."

During the first gas spike in the 70's, many RV manufacturers had to close shop until prices began to drop, and some didn't make it through.

Baggett said, "I went through the first gas crunch in the early 70's, was outside the industry when the second gas crunch came in 1980. But I watched it almost shut down Foretravel that time."

Baggett says many people either sell their motorhomes or just don't go anywhere when gas prices are this high. Average gas milage for some of the monster homes on wheels is about 6 miles to the gallon.

It costs nearly $50 to fill up some cars and SUVs. But filling an RV with gas often costs somewhere between $350 and $400.