Concrete skate park concept approved by Lufkin City Council

Concrete skate park concept approved by Lufkin City Council

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Another hurdle in the fight for a new Lufkin skate park was cleared Tuesday night by the city council.

In September the city was ready to award a bid to the American Ramp Company for a prefabricated park. Residents soon spoke out against the park.

"We are very grateful," Amy Dunn said in a previous story. "It is a huge gift to the community. I just am concerned at the construction. The modulars have to be maintained, and I think in the long run, the city might be a little disappointed because of the hit they will take. We think that concrete would be better. It is smoother and a lot of skaters really prefer that as the way to skate."

After concern was raised, the city backed out on the plan and went back to the drawing table. Now ARC is once again the lone finalist in the design of the park. The difference now is, the park will be concrete based.

" We are moving forward with ARC," said City Manager Keith Wright. "It was the best option. Now, we will have ARC meet with city workers and community members about the design of the concrete park."

The park will replace two tennis courts at Kiwanis Park that have already been torn out.

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