Affidavit: Lufkin woman injured children by hitting them with mop, wooden sword

Affidavit: Lufkin woman injured children by hitting them with mop, wooden sword

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Deputies with the Angelina County Sheriff's office arrested a 32-year-old woman Wednesday in connection to allegations that she injured the two children she was babysitting by hitting one with a mop and hitting the other with a wooden sword back in early November.

Tammy Marie Durbin, of Lufkin, is still being held in the Angelina County jail on two counts of third-degree felony injury to a child and a Class C misdemeanor no driver's license charge. Although her bail amount has been set at $500 for the misdemeanor charge, no bail has been set for her felony charges.

According to the arrest affidavit, an ACSO deputy was dispatched to CHI St. Luke's Health Memorial Hospital in Lufkin on Nov. 3 to talk to a mother and her two children, 9-year-old boy and a 7-year-old girl.

The mother told the deputy that Durbin, her friend and roommate, had been helping her by babysitting her children, so she could rest in the afternoons, the affidavit stated. The woman told the deputy that she was sleeping when the incidents occurred, and she didn't know about them until she got a telephone call from the school that her children attend.

At that point, the ACSO deputy spoke to the woman's two children, whom had been admitted to the hospital for apparent injuries to their heads. The 7year-old girl told the deputy that Durbin hit her in the head with a mop when she refused to pick up clothes that belonged to Durbin's daughter.

When the deputy checked the back of the girl's head, he noticed swelling in one area, the affidavit stated.

The deputy then spoke to the 9-year-old boy, who said he didn't see what had happened to his sister. However, he told the deputy that Durbin struck him in the head as well, the affidavit stated.

According to the affidavit, the boy told the ACSO deputy that he was cleaning the house when he decided to take a break in the living room.  He told the deputy that Durbin came into the living room and became upset that he was resting.

"She told him to get up off the couch and clean, at which point she struck him with a wooden sword, causing swelling on the top of the head," the affidavit stated.

Both children were taken to the Harold's House Children's Advocacy Center, where forensic interviews were conducted. The girl told the forensic interviewer the exact same thing she told the deputy, but the boy said he didn't want to talk about what had happened and that his sister was "making her story up," the affidavit stated.

An ACSO detective took over the case on Nov. 4. He met with the mother and her children in his office on that date. The boy and girl both told him the same stories they told the ACSO at the hospital the day before, the affidavit stated.

When the ACSO detective checked the children out, he felt two distinct, raised areas on the children's heads, the affidavit stated. The girl's injury was on the back of her head behind and above her ear, and the boy's injury was found on the top front portion of his head, the affidavit stated.

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