Restaurant Report - Nacogdoches - 12/08/16

China Star at 4604 North Street: 17 demerits for evidence of smoking in the building, foods not kept covered and/or stored properly, one sharply dented can needed to be discarded, paper towels needed in all rest rooms, fly strips needed to be removed, scoops not kept in clean containers, and any floor, wall, or other area in food prep area that weren't smooth and easily cleanable needed to be repaired.

North Food Mart at 5105 North Street: 13 demerits for hot water not working properly at one hand sink, soap needed at hand wash sink, test strips, needed, and ice scoop not kept in clean container.

Jalisco Tacos at 1003 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd: 11 demerits for employee drinks in food prep area not covered, back flow preventer needed for outside water hose, utensils found in hand wash sink, and log book schedule for vent-a-hood and other equipment cleaning not kept.

Mexico Lindo at 4010 South Street: 11 demerits for cold at wrong temperature, test strips not accurate, and thermometers not provided for all coolers.

Crockpot Annie's at 1008 East Main: 6 demerits for test strips needed, thermometers not provided for all coolers and freezers, and back plate needed for electrical outlet.

Dianita Tacos at 1724 South Street:6 demerits for no hot water in ladies' rest room and sanitizing test strips were expired.

Auntie Pasta's at 211 Old Tyler Road: 4 demerits for bucket of peppercinis stored on cooler floor.

South Street Food Mart Valero at 3220 South Street: 3 demerits for soda machine nozzles needed to be cleaned and nacho machine needed to be cleaned.

McDonald's at 1717 North Street: 3 demerits for grease bin needed to be cleaned of excess waste, dumpster lids not kept closed, and fire exits blocked.

Slap Yo Daddy: 4506 North Street: 3 demerits for thermometer not provided for front refrigerator.

Nac Nutrition: 4822 North University Drive: 0 demerits.

Popeye's at 15 119 North University Drive: 0 demerits.