East Texas politician who served the longest term under Perry reacts to nomination

East Texas politician who served the longest term under Perry reacts to nomination
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - One former East Texas politician has a decade's worth of experience working with possible pick for the Secretary of Energy, Rick Perry.

Former District 12 State Representative Jim McReynolds shared his unique insight into what it's like working with former Texas Governor, and his reaction to the nomination.

"I saw a governor who had time to shoot hoops with him in the hall, if you wanted to see him he made it very easy," McReynolds said. "You may disagree and fight each other on policy. He was always good to me, and I was always good to him, but by the same token we are not the same people."

Although the two came from different sides of the isle, McReynolds worked as a democrat in a traditionally conservative state, but said Perry maintained an effort to keep an open door policy.

Despite the differences they share, he is proud to have another Texan represent our state at the national level.

"Let me tell you something, it's pretty cool to live in a state where two governors ago he becomes president, and one governor ago he becomes secretary in a cabinet for a new president," McReynolds said. "Hooray for Texas, three cheers for Texas."

In terms of what he hopes to see change under the new appointment of Secretary of Energy, is an outlook founded in neutrality.

"You have to be totally impartial, you can't be just for fossil fuels and neglect wind energy, and other innovative forms of energy. You have to look across the spectrum," McReynolds said. "I hope he can dream the future. I hope and wish him well in who he appoints. He's got a good record as far as I'm concerned."

McReynolds stressed the importance of the people Perry picks to surround himself once he is in office, citing a track record that he hopes will follow to the new position.

"They are dreadfully important, who he appoints as his undersecretary, who he appoints in the day by day office, hopefully he will keep some continuity I mean these people are apolitical," McReynolds said. "We have to have someone in the department of energy working for all Americans. As far as im concerned he has done well in the past appointing people, and I hope that follows."

He even discussed the 'elephant in the room', when it comes to a 2012 failed-presidential campaign slip-up, when Perry forgot one of the agencies he promsied to disband if elected.

"I just have to bring it up, in 2012 in one of the debates, it was after back surgery- God bless him, he couldn't remember the third agency," McReynolds said. "And its energy, the very one that he is appointed to be the nominee of the new president."

He followed this by saying that now is as good a time as any to begin anew, and move forward towards a new chapter.

"It's ironic, yes. Now, is that bad? No. Praise God we get second chances, the American people always give people second chances. There is forgiveness," McReynolds said.

Moving forward he also explained it will be important to note Perry will have to resign from any position he holds on committees in regards to the oil and gas industry.

"When you represent everyone your prejudice has to go away pretty quickly," McReynolds said.

With almost 15 years of experience in politics he left him with a message he hopes he remember if he is confirmed as the next Secretary of Energy.

"In leadership you can't please everybody. I think the characteristics you have to have, is you have to have courage, be bold, and stand up for what you believe in," McReynolds said.

Before the appointment has been confirmed however, Perry will have to be voted and approved by congress.

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