Lufkin woman shows Christmas spirit with large tree display

Lufkin woman shows Christmas spirit with large tree display
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Walking into Billy Lipscomb's Crown Colony home will transport you to a magical Christmas fairytale.

Lipscomb, who has lived in Lufkin with her husband since 1999, always seems to get into the Christmas spirit.

"It brings enhancement to the true meaning of Christmas," Lipscomb said.

This year, Lipscomb has 30 different Christmas trees scattered throughout her two-story home. Each one has a specific look and feel. Lipscomb is the daughter of a well-known artist, but said she did not get her mom's artistic ability. She claimed a strong eye for details in interior design helped her come up with her ideas.

"I would just see a tree and say, 'I bet I have something to put on that," Lipscomb said. "I love angels, and I started to see that I needed an angel tree. I look for everything at thrift stores, and some of it I have been given. I am happy when I can get something for just pennies. I have been that way my whole life."

It took her about 10 days to put up the entire display.

"When I am motivated, I can stay up on a tree for hours putting it together," Lipscomb said. "Some nights, I will be up past midnight working on a tree."

While each tree is different, some stand out more than others.

"My favorite ones are what I call the Magnolia Tree in the dinning room," Lipscomb said. "It is beautiful, and I like how it sits on top of the cake display and in the champagne holder. I like the Treasure Tree of course because of what is on it. If I could only have one tree it would be the tree with all the antique ornaments that have so much meaning."

Lipscomb's antique tree is full of rare ornaments and beads. Nothing on the tree except for the lights is newer than 1945, Lipscomb admits it is a tree that is hard to manage.

"Every year I lose some," Lipscomb said. "I lose one getting them out and putting them up. I do wrap them as best I can."

On the tree is an ornament that holds a special place in her heart. If you look close enough in the artificial pine branches, you will find a small simple Santa. Lipscomb was given the ornament before she knew what it was.

"I was born on Dec.15, 1934," Lipscomb said. "Less than two weeks later, my parents took me to my grandparents for Christmas, and they gave me this as my first ornament. Eighty-two years later, it is still here."

Lipscomb said Christmas was always special, and her birthday was not as big as others might want it.

"I didn't have big birthday parties," Lipscomb said. "It was about Christmas. It was made clear to me it's your birthday and that's when we put up the Christmas tree, and oh my goodness."

All of the ornaments on Lipscomb's trees have been collected over the years. In a corner by her fire place sits a small 4-foot tree that has 14 ornaments depicting the 12 Days of Christmas.

"I got them from the Hatton House Company," Lipscomb said. "These were only made for a three-year period. It was not easy to get them all, and I had to search for a while"

If you are lucky enough to visit her house before the new year, you will be able to see the display in all of it's glory. If not, you may be lucky to see a few of the trees that Lipscomb will periodically leave up for an entire year.

"I love Christmas and all that it stands for," Lipscomb said. "I think the decoration really brings that out."

Putting out the trees has become a chore. Lipscomb does all of the decorating but does get help  getting out and putting up the trees in the attic. Despite that, Lipscomb said the tress will go up as long as she is able to do it.

"Every year when it is time to take it down and the holidays are over, I'm kind of tired and think, 'I don't think I'm going to do this next year,' but as soon as it starts hitting December, I start dragging out the trees and it is hard to do just one."

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