Outside Workers Try To Beat The Summer Heat

Dressing cool is one way to deal with the East Texas heat, but in the landscaping business, it's not always an option.

April Holley said, "It's really hard because you actually need shorts and maybe a tank top or something to cool you off. But there's mosquitoes back here, so we can't really wear all that, so it's actually hot."

Especially if you're seven months pregnant like April. Taking frequent breaks throughout the day helps a little, but it doesn't make the heat go away.

Nursery hand, J. W. Anthony, said, "It's nothing you can get used to. I don't know if anybody can get used to being out in the sun all day. [Sometime's, we'll have] two crews out. They leave out at 8:00 a.m., they'll get back at about a quarter to 5:00 p.m.; five, six days a week almost."

Workers try to protect themselves on the inside with water and other liquids. They use sunglasses and long sleeves to protect themselves on the outside.

Lupe Vallejo, landscape supervisor of Walker's Rustic Acres in Lufkin, said, "You feel cool when you sweat it out. Once you get sweaty, then you'll be alright. You just drink a lot of Gatorade and water, and my guys take salt tablets."

Working in a park during the summer can get a little steamy for Lupe and his six man crew. But after 27 years of helping to keep East Texas beautiful in all kinds of weather, he says he wouldn't trade his job for anything else.