Several options available for recycling Christmas trees, post-holiday decorations

Several options available for recycling Christmas trees, post-holiday decorations

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - The week after Christmas marks the busiest time of the year for people in the garbage industry.

Eddie Pepper, the assistant director of the City of Lufkin's Solid Waste and Recycle Center, and his team sort through tons and tons of material, and a lot of it ends up in the landfill.

"With a lot of people being out of school and off of work, getting all the new things require sometimes to get rid of the old stuff," Pepper said.

He says what a lot people have is a lot more trash and instead of putting in the garbage bin they will put in the blue bin, resulting in contamination.

Another concern residents should be aware of is how to avoid being a victim of thefts after the holidays.

"We don't want to really advertise what we received or what we've gifted to one another. Instead, we've taken the time break down the boxes," said Terah Mobley, a Lufkin resident.

Breaking down the boxes and organizing your bins will help the waste management.

"We've got to try to get five days work in four days, and sometimes, that's a little tough especially when you've got your busiest week of the year," said Pepper.

The solid waste and recycle center will take your Christmas tree. Residents can drop off the tree during business hours. Curbside drivers won't pick up the tree if it is inside the blue bin.

The other option residents have is re-purpose their Christmas treed at The Ellen Trout Zoo for the animals. The staff will use the trees for animals.

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