Lufkin homeless man staying optimistic after his bike was stolen

Lufkin homeless man staying optimistic after his bike was stolen
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - A homeless man is looking for answers after one of his only modes of transportation was stolen from him earlier this week.

Warren Weis said he is not angry and is just trying to find the good in the situation. He leads a simple life; he spends his days helping others with miscellaneous yard work.

"I'm not getting rich at it," Weis said. "I work for God. I do it for the glory of God."

Weis is a resident at Lufkin's Godtel, a non-profit that provides food and a place to stay to the area's homeless. With little to his name, Weis relies on his bikes for transportation.

"The reason I got the second bike was so when someone would assist me, that we both could ride around on bikes and get to the jobs together," Weis said

Now, he has just one after his older one was stolen earlier this week.

Weis said he woke up and went out to get the bike to go where he needed to go, and the bike was gone. Weis was using the bike with the small jobs he does for people who can't afford to hire a major yard maintenance crew.

While many would be angry Weis had the opposite reaction.

"No. I praised to God as soon as I found out it was gone," Weis said. "I look at it as you have something for a season. And then I go, 'He will replace it. Oh, God already replaced it.' I had someone give me a bike a week before that happened."

Weis admitted the bike was not much to look at, but it did have good qualities.

"I'm only missing my seat because it was a very comfortable seat," Weis said.

His message through all of this for others is simple. Turn the other cheek.

When he was asked if he would have let someone borrow his bike if they needed it, Weis said, "Absolutely. I give things to people who are in need. Period and simple. That's the way I am."

Be grateful for what you have, no matter how little it may be.

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