Days after bike stolen, good Samaritan gives new bike to Lufkin homeless man

Days after bike stolen, good Samaritan gives new bike to Lufkin homeless man
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Just days after his bike was stolen, a homeless man now has a new bike thanks to a good Samaritan.

"I was just amazed that she would do this," Warren Weis said. "I came in and I was told that she left me a nice new seat for the one bike I had left and a lock. I was excited. They told me she was coming back later to give me a bike. I didn't know what to say."

Earlier this week, Weis's bike was stolen from Godtel, a homeless shelter that provides food and shelter in a Christian setting for those struggling in East Texas. Weis has two bikes for a small business he has started for yard work for people hurting financially.

"I'm not getting rich at it," Weis said on Thursday. "I work for God. I do it for the glory of God."

When the one bike was stolen if left him with only one.

"The reason I got the second bike was so when someone would assist me, that we both could ride around on bikes and get to the jobs together," Weis said

After his first story ran on Thursday, several viewers worked on trying to get a new bike for Weis. One viewer reached out to KTRE on Friday night after she delivered a bike to Weis at Godtel. The viewer wished to remain anonymous

"He was so happy and nice," she said in her message to the station.

Weis is not taking the donation lightly.

"It was hard to sleep last night," Weis said. "I kept wondering if I had said thank you to her. I want to make sure she knows how thankful I am for the gift. I was still trying to figure out why people go out of their way to take care [of me]. They knew I had one bike already and to go out of the way to give me a nicer bike just for business purposes. It's like she said keep doing what you are doing for the good of people."

Weis said he will now be able to get help on larger jobs with the second bike.

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