Diboll teen honors American flags with Eagle Scout project

Diboll teen honors American flags with Eagle Scout project

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - A Diboll teenager has taken on a project that is meant to give torn and worn American flags a proper disposal.

Diboll Senior Colton Moreno built a steel bin that people can drop off used flags in. The flags will then be properly disposed.

:"The flag should be honored," Marine Corps League Commander Brian Crews said. "When we die, people are given a formal ceremony and  so a flag should be given the same. Many people just stick them on a shelf, throwing in a storage building or a garbage can and that is not considered dignified."

According to the U.S. flag code, flags that are no longer good should follow certain disposal steps. Flags should first be folded in its customary manner and put in a fairly large fire. While being burned, veterans and military should come to attention and salute the flag, recite the pledge of allegiance and have a brief moment of silence. After the flag is completely burned, the fire should be put out and the shes are to be buried.

"My Scout master told me about it and it was just something that I really wanted to do," Moreno said. "They told me no one around here has ever done that" or anything like that and I thought that was pretty cool because I'm going to be the first person around here to do something like that."

Moreno did the welding work on the project and had some minor help. The Marine Corps League financed the project. If approved Moreno will join a select class of scouts. Since 1912, only 2.01% of scouts have completed the program.

"This was something that hasn't been done locally and we were overwhelmed that we were given the opportunity to support it," Crews said.

For those that fought in battles, the project means a lot.

"It's really nice to see these young people in our day and time," Vietnam Veteran Luke Bolenbarker said. "So many are not patriotic. It's great to see a young man do something, no only for the better of himself but for the better of our country."

Moreno is just happy to give back.

"These people fought for our country," Moreno said. "That is a symbol for us and we shouldn't just throw it away like that."

The drop box is located in the parking lot of the Marine Corps league building on Tulane Drive.

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