New year: Lifestyle change for permanent results

New year: Lifestyle change for permanent results
Live Well Health Club (Source: KTRE)
Live Well Health Club (Source: KTRE)

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Many people start the year with new beginnings by stepping inside a gym.

LiveWell Athletic Club fitness trainer Beth Wilbanks said a lifestyle change will require commitment. She said discipline first, then comes motivation.

"If you like tacos, then make your tacos healthier. If you like hamburgers, then consider changing to turkey burgers," Wilbanks said.

Make a change that you can live with instead of settling with the mindset of "eating salads everyday" which can easily put a damper in your diet. Having a variety of healthy meals will help keep meals fun and encourage you to be on track with the diet plan.

Fitness expert and trainer Casey Adams recommends to set up for success.

"Whatever goals you have just take those in baby steps. Don't try and take over 2017 all in one day," Adams said.

However, set up the year in chunks of three months for goals you want to accomplish.

Adams advises eating festive food during the holidays should not make a huge impact on your lifestyle as long as you pick yourself up the next day.

"You can have a few cheat meals during the holidays and don't think of it as setting yourself up for failure for the next year or ruining all the progress you've done the year before.  You've put in all that work leading up to the year, so why not celebrate," Adams said.

Nutritionist Muriel Doyle-Willims agrees with the mindset. For long lasting results it's not about the end product, but playing tricks with the mind.

"It's about the journey through your transformation that you have to make enjoyable with your mind. Trick your mind and the body will follow," Doyle-Willims said.

Another tip, fight the thoughts of comparing yourself with progress of others.

"Best thing to do is forget all that and pretend that nobody is watching you. Because if those people are watching you then they've got something better to do. Everyone that's at the gym is there doing the same thing that you're doing."

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