Day 1 Of Testimony In Fetus Murder Trial

The state told jurors 16-year-old Erica Basoria wanted to give birth to her twin sons, but was constantly pressured by her boyfriend, Gerardo Flores, to have an abortion.

Flores is accused of beating Basoria, and stomping on her stomach for more than a day, leading to the death of her unborn children. District Attorney Art Bauereiss said Basoria was against abortion and got pre-natal care to make sure she'd have a healthy baby.

Flores claimed his girlfriend made him help her kill their unborn twins. His attorney, Ryan Deaton, claimed she punched herself in the stomach, while begging Flores to step on her stomach.

It happened May 7, 2004 at the home Flores and Basoria shared with Flores' parents. In opening statements, Bauereiss says Basoria started cramping in the middle of the night and ended up having a miscarriage. She woke Flores and told him to call for help. The five-month-old fetuses were still in the toilet when paramedics got there.

They argue, Flores went back to sleep and even went to school the next day. That's where police came and got him.

Flores' attorney says Basoria had the death of her twin boys all planned out. He says his client wasn't an abusive boyfriend, but both sides say Basoria had bruises on her arm, leg, and abdomen when she was rushed to the hospital after the miscarriage.

Basoria reportedly denied being beaten by Flores, but a Lufkin police officer who talked with her that night said she cried whenever his name was mentioned.