Restaurant Report - Nacogdoches - 01/05/17

Sports Shack at 4601 North Street: 13 demerits for hot water heater not working, hand washing sink not working, chemical bottles not labeled properly, clean dishes stored too close to floor, and test strips not available.

Texas Travel Plaza at 4010 South Street: 12 demerits for one dented can needed to be discarded, boxes of food stored on cooler floor, sandwiches in cooler needed use-by dates, back flow preventers needed for all hoses, dumpster lids not kept closed, scattered trash in west area of parking lot needed to be picked up, and shield guards needed.

Baymont Nacogdoches Seafood at 3227 South Street: 11 demerits items in cooler not labeled properly, items stored above ready-to-eat food in cooler, ice machine needed to be cleaned, and kitchen knife wasn't smooth.

El Ranchero at 11 demerits for food storage area needed to be cleaned, items in cooler had expired labeling, and hot water in women and men's restrooms did not reach minimum temperature.

South Street Chevron: 4 demerits for two prepackaged items needed to be discarded.

Wingstop at 4909 North Street, suite 206: 3 demerits for one spatula not smooth and easily cleanable.

Jalapeno Tree at 637 North University Drive: 3 demerits for ice scoop left in ice machine and soda machine needed to be cleaned.

Sonic Drive-in at 3419 South Street: 3 demerits for two dented spatulas.

Sports Shack (Follow up) at 4601 North Street: 3 demerits for no test strips available and storage area needed to be cleaned.

Donut Palace at 1511 North University Drive: 3 demerits for expired test strips.

Newk's at 3601 Street: 0 demerits.