Day 2 Of Fetus Deaths Trial

Gerardo Flores sat quietly in court while his ex-girlfriend demonstrated how she hit herself in the stomach almost a dozen times while she was pregnant.

Seventeen year old Erica Basoria said she did not want to have kids. She told the jury she was jealous because Flores could hang out with his friends all night, but she would have to stay at home because she was pregnant.

Basoria said it was her idea to abort her twin boys, and it wasn't until a week before her miscarriage last May that she asked Flores to help carry out her plan. She said she didn't want an abortion, but she wanted to have a normal teenage life.

Basoria said she started asking Flores to step on her stomach two weeks before her miscarriage. After refusing several times, he agreed.

Basoria also admitted not taking prenatal vitamins, even though she had a high-risk pregnancy. She ignored her doctor's orders and exercised, instead of taking it easy while she was pregnant.

Despite all that's happened, Basoria said she still loves Flores, visited him in jail often, and was never abused by him.

She told the jury she would meet Flores' mother down the street from her home and visit Flores in jail without her family knowing about it.

Gerardo Flores' mother, sister, and brother also testified Thursday. They all said he was excited about becoming a father and would never hurt his children.

Testimony continues Friday.