Multiple City of Lufkin projects moving along

Multiple City of Lufkin projects moving along

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Several city projects that the engineering department is working are coming together.

One of the projects nearing completion is a new security fence that will close off parking for police officers.

"The fence is built and all the electrical wiring is pulled," engineer Chuck Walker said. "The contractor will be out here Monday to put up the proximity switches."

Another project moving ahead is the future skateboard park that will be at Kiwanis Park. The park hit a snag after community members questioned the original per-fabricated design. After getting a concrete plan approved, Walker said the group is working with ARC to come up with a better plan.

"We got our design in and met with about 40 skateboarders," Walker said. "They sent back a design last week and we met with the skateboarders and we sent it back. We were told we would get that design back by the end of the week."

Walker said the city hopes to be preparing the foundation next week.

City Hall has been a construction zone for several weeks as crews are working on the atrium. The city council felt it was important to fix the old atrium.

"All the glass is in place except for where the city logo will go," Walker said. "We are about half way done and once we finish the outside we will go fast on the inside."

Kurth Lake has been shut down since November. Several projects have been completed including a dam repair and a new boat ramp.

"I have that 25,000 gallon a minute pump, pumping that water in," Walker said. "My boat pier is supposed to show up the 18th of this month."

Walker said those projects are in the public's eye but there are also several other projects in the works that are important.

"There's a lot of things going on that they don't know, like we are putting a new boiler in at the sewer plant," Walker said. "You don't think much about that but every time you flush the commode, that's a big deal. "

Walker said everything is working on schedule like he thought despite some weather issues.

"It's actually going faster," Walker said. "I thought weather was going to hamper it down and they were able to work through it."

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