Testimony Continues In Day 3 of Fetus Deaths Trial

The chief medical examiner for Galveston County said there are three things that could have led to the death of Gerardo Flores' unborn sons: multiple blows to Erica Basoria's abdomen, steady pressure on her abdomen or a diseased placenta.

He told the jury Basoria was not having a healthy pregnancy and there were signs she was at risk for a miscarriage or a spontaneous abortion.

Thursday, Basoria admitted she hit herself in the stomach almost a dozen times while she was pregnant. Friday, the medical examiner compared those blows to what happens when a steering wheel hits somebody's abdomen after a car wreck.

Although the doctor said Basoria could have miscarried because of an unhealthy placenta and not because she was repeatedly hit in the stomach, the initial cause of death for the fetuses was blunt trauma.

One of the twin boys even had brain hemorrhaging.

The trial is expected to wrap up early next week.