Angelina County stalking suspect: 'If I can’t have you, then no one else will either'

Angelina County stalking suspect: 'If I can’t have you, then no one else will either'

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Deputies with the Angelina County Sheriff's Office arrested a 38-year-old man Thursday in connection to allegations that he harassed his ex-girlfriend by sending her "harassing, annoying, and threatening" texts, Facebook messages, and phone calls.

In one message, he allegedly said, "If I can't have you, then no one else will either."

Lee Martin Biggerstaff, of Huntington, is still being held in the Angelina County Jail on a third-degree felony stalking charge. His bail amount has been set at $100,000.

According to the arrest affidavit, a woman spoke to an ACSO detective on Tuesday and said after she broke up with a man she had been dating for only two months, he started sending her "harassing, annoying, and threatening" messages via texts, Facebook messages, and phone calls.

Biggerstaff allegedly sent her a text message that said, "he loved the way she smelled in the morning when taking the trash out," implying that he was close enough to watch her conducting the task at her home.

The alleged victim received more than 200 multimedia text messages and more than 20 phone calls within a 24-hour period of time, the arrest affidavit stated. Biggerstaff also allegedly sent her voicemail messages, which were recorded as evidence by law enforcement officers.

The affidavit stated that Biggerstaff displayed "erratic behavior" in the text messages, social media harassment, and the phone calls. He allegedly went from saying, he was sorry, he wanted her back, and he was sorry to 'If I can't have you, then no one else will either."

At one point, Biggestaff allegedly called her place of employment and pretended to be an officer with the Van Zandt Police Department. He then left his own phone number as the contact number, the affidavit stated.

After the ACSO detective spoke with Biggerstaff about the woman's allegations, Biggerstaff said he would cut off all communications with the victim, the affidavit stated.

Then on Thursday, the detective received several electronic messages from the woman that relayed messages Biggerstaff had sent her from his social media account.

One message said, "Nice try I got rid of you number so you cant try to entrap me." In another message, he attached an image to it and said, "[Expletive] I watch CSI, I can make your death look like an accident."

According to the affidavit, the ACSO detective also received e-mails from Biggestaff's ex-wife. Biggerstaff's ex-wife allegedly told him that while they were married, Biggerstaff was physically violent and that he choked her to the point of almost killing her in their last encounter.

Biggerstaff's ex-wife told the deputy that she started having seizures as a result of the choking incident, the affidavit stated.

Further investigation revealed that Biggerstaff has an "extensive criminal history" which dates back to 1995. In the past, Biggerstaff has been arrested for sexual assault, assault-family violence, aggravated assault of a public servant, possession of a controlled substance, and "assorted other criminal charges," the affidavit stated.

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