Longtime Nacogdoches defense attorney dies at age 76

Longtime Nacogdoches defense attorney dies at age 76

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Longtime Nacogdoches criminal defense attorney John Heath Sr. died Sunday at the age of 76.

While suffering many health problems, he suffered a massive heart attack.

"We are so appreciative of everyone's calls, messages, prayers, and offers of help at this difficult time," John Heath Jr. said in a Facebook post. "Thank you for your kind words and fond memories. Sr. sure was one of a kind."

Jim Garrett, John Heath Senior's partner for 10 years, said that his friend will be missed.

"He was my best friend and mentor," Garrett said. "He taught me a lot about this business, he was a very dear man. I think he will be missed in many ways."

Former Nacogdoches District Attorney Stephanie Stephens said John Heath worked hard to protect his clients' rights.

"Trying a case with John definitely made me a better lawyer," Stephens said. "He taught me things. He made me think. He made me work hard.He worked hard at protecting his clients' rights and fighting for his clients."

The family is planning a memorial service sometime in the near future. Details are not yet available.

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