Restaurant Report - Angelina County - 01/26/17

Mexia Express at 1603 W. Frank: 22 demerits for cold hold at wrong temperature, food not stored in food-grade container or wrapper, knives on rack needed to be cleaned, improper dating, mop sink didn't have running water, leak in cabinet under soda fountain needed to be repaired, single-service items not stored in same direction, first-aid kit needed, wastewater not disposed of in mop sink, thermometer in mop sink needed to be re-calibrated or replaced, and bulk items out of original packaging needed to be labeled.

Taqueria y Pupuseria at 916 N. Timberland: 12 demerits for all food in reach-in cooler not labeled and dated, personal items stored with single-service items, wastewater disposal receipts not stored on-site, running water needed for proper handwashing, and food handler certification not up to date.

Catfish King at806 S. Medford: 5 demerits for damaged food containers needed to be removed and cold hold at wrong temperature.

Misazon at 2105 N. Timberland: 4 demerits for misuse of hand sink and items taken out of original packaging kept after seven-day hold time.

Schlotsky's Deli at 4601 S. Medford: 2 demerits for ACCHD food manager not on site.

Sonic No. 2 at 1805 S. First Street: 1 demerit for bulk item containers out of their original containers not labeled.