School Principal Files Terroristic Complaint

'Your day will come', words Alto school board member Freddy Johnson admits saying to Alto High School Principal LeWayne Sheffield. After the exchange, Sheffield filed a terroristic threat complaint.

"I just started off and i turned around and told him, 'That your day will come,' and the context of that meaning, he would have to answer my question one of these days being that I am a board member," said Johnson.

The question concerns the administrative decision to postpone graduation by two days and moving it to a large church. Graduate O. T. Allen said, "We didn't even get to choose where we wanted to graduate. We were told and dictated."

Threatening weather, power outages and a gym decorated for Project Graduation led to the move. But Johnson asked, "Why they could move our graduation without board approval?, basically and was ignored."

Principal LaWayne Sheffield said he wants the issue resolved quickly to benefit the children of Alto. He wouldn't comment specifically on the complaint he filed. He said that matter lies with legal authorities. Alto Police Chief Charles Barron said that the complaint is still under investigation.

Meanwhile, Superintendent John Ferguson is planning team building sessions. "We're gonna try. I'm gonna do my best to try to get everybody together. The community is divided and we need to get together."

If governance issues surface the Texas Education Agency could be called in to help end the controversy.