County Officials Discuss Legislation

The North and East Texas County Judges and Commissioners Association is in Nacogdoches this week. Close to 170 county officials and just about as many vendors are attending. They're receiving three days of education on governmental issues. A major part of it is learning what the legislature did or as their general counsel James Allison pointed out did 'not' do during this past session. "Frankly it's time for some compromise. We need action. Our schools are overburdened and under funded and we need the state to take action in that area."

Unfunded mandates are always a concern for both county government leaders and taxpayers. Association president, Richard Cortese said, "We're one of the only states in the United States the county tax money isn't used as a match to get federal monies down which is short circuiting ourselves."

The legislature refused to inact revenue and appraisal caps on properties. The association claims it is an issue better left to local governments.