Deputies Investigate Death Of Garrison Man

The Nacogdoches Sheriff's Department is investigating the death of a Garrison man. His body was discovered Monday afternoon by family members.

The Nacogdoches County Sheriff' tells us on the surface, Michael Dove's death looks like a suicide. But he wants to see autopsy results to make sure.

Dove's family and friends say some things about his death just don't add up.

Michael Dove was better known as "Big Mac" to family and friends. Many who knew him say, he wasn't the kind of person they would figure to take his own life. But he was apparently having some problems with his home life.

His body was discovered Monday afternoon in Garrison.

"I saw him at the tree. And the little part that I saw I didn't want to see any more and I just broke and ran. I backed off and ran. But I didn't see what everyone else saw because I didn't want to go back there." said one family friend.

His brother in law told us Dove's body was found sitting in a chair with his head against the tree trunk. He says a length of electrical cord was around Dove's neck, the other end tied up in the tree.

Dove's body was discovered by his cousin while he was barbecuing in neighbor's back yard.

Some are upset about the way potential evidence was handled. They think authorities just assumed dove had killed himself.

"I don't think there was a thorough investigation because there was certain items at the crime scene that was not recovered until today. I think it's because the initial conclusion is everyone thinks that this fellow committed suicide." says John Morrison with the NAACP.

Family members say two belts tied together with blood on them were discovered near the body, as well as the piece of the electrical cord Dove's brother in law cut to free the man. They also say the scene of this incident was not secured.

Michael Dove's body has been sent to Beaumont for an autopsy. It's hoped the autopsy results will provide solid answers concerning his death.