Restaurant Report - Nacogdoches - 02/02/17

Ken's No. 4 at 911 West Main: 17 demerits for cigarette butts in bathroom – a violation of the no smoking ordinance, numerous pre-packaged food products needed to be discarded, paper towels needed for bathroom, gasoline items stored improperly, scattered trash outside needed to be picked up, wall areas that were in disrepair needed to be fixed, and shelves and floors not kept clean and dusted.

Nini's Fresh Donuts No. 2 at 1302 North Street: 14 demerits for 4-hour rule chart needed for kolaches, water not getting hot enough, test strips needed, and one spatula needed to be replaced.

Taqueria El 21 at 1422 Douglass Road: 11 demerits for sour cream needed to be discarded, use-by dates needed, and thermometers not provided for all coolers and freezers.

Nijaya at 4919 North Street, Suite 104: 9 demerits for utensils not kept out of hand sink, paper towels needed for hand sink, scoops not kept in clean containers, and dust above ice maker needed to be cleaned up.

Big's Convenience Store Deli No. 3832 at 540 Northeast Stallings Drive: 8 demerits for one dented can needed to be pulled, one milk product needed to be discarded, date marking needed, and vents not kept clean.

Big's Convenience Store No. 3832 at 540 Northeast Stallings Drive: 7 demerits for several canned food products needed to be discarded and thermometer needed for sandwich cooler.

Texas Sports Bar and Grill - kitchen inspection at 3400 South Street: 7 demerits for food in coolers not kept covered, accurate and visible thermometer needed for walk-in cooler, vents not kept clean, any baseboard, wall, or floor that aren't smooth and easily cleanable, and light in walk-in cooler needed to be repaired.

Mike's Barbecue House at 1622 South Street: 7 demerits for foods stored improperly, access to hand ash sink not kept unimpeded, and floor or wall areas that weren't smooth and easily cleanable needed to be repaired, and dumpster was missing a lid.

Papa John's Pizza at 2702 North Street: 6 demerits for hand towels not provided for all hand ash sinks, sanitizer needed to be re-labeled, shield guards needed for lights, and any wall, floor, or other areas of food prep area that are not smooth and easily needed to be repaired.

Pizza Hut 2619 North Street: 4 demerits for ice scoop was broken and needed to be replaced.

Sezechaun Restaurant at 3000 North Street: 4 demerits for buckets and containers not stored properly in walk-in cooler.

Nacogdoches Medical Center Cafeteria at 4920 Northeast Stallings Drive: 4 demerits for pull dairy product needed to be discarded and any baseboard, floor, or wall areas that weren't smooth and easily cleanable needed to be repaired.

Nick's Valero at 3003 Durst Street: 3 demerits for spray bottle not labeled.

Enpire Donuts at 2519 Woden Road: 0 demerits.