Chicago Cub and World Series Champion, Gary Jones, visits Cushing ISD

Chicago Cub and World Series Champion, Gary Jones, visits Cushing ISD

Not many can say they've ever met a World Series Champion, but that all changed for the students at Cushing ISD Thursday morning.

A Chicago Cub came through Cushing, off from his World Series win, and you may be thinking Chicago is a long way from East Texas. However, it just so happens that this Cub calls Henderson home.

Cubs third base coach, Gary Jones, is a true East Texan who's committed to his roots and spends every offseason back in the pineywoods with his family.

Jones stopped playing professionally in 1989 and has coached ever since.

As he walked the Bearkat halls, Jones stopped by several classrooms to answer questions, sign autographs, and told his story of winning a World Series with the Cubs after a 108 year drought.

"There was so many people out. We had the parade that Friday and the city was just going crazy," said Jones. "There was a lot of excitement. I think they even let school out. It was just a great time the city had, and it was great excitement and pleasure we brought to that city."

Jones main focus though was less on himself, and more about encouraging kids to chase their dreams.

"They asked me to come speak to the kids and I don't mind. I just gave them a little encouragement and let them know just because they're from a small town doesn't mean their goals can't be reached," said Jones.

Jones was asked by the kids what his favorite thing to do outside of baseball is, and spoken like a true East Texan, his favorite hobby is fishing.

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