3 arrested in forced burglaries in Jasper County

JASPER COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - The Jasper County Sheriff's Office has arrested three men accused in a string of burglaries on a Jasper County road on Jan. 5.

Michael Wayne Pipps, 33, of Beaumont, Tommy Chambless, 33, of Woodville, and Mitchell Shawn Woosley, 24, of Brookeland, are each charged with six counts of burglary, one count of engaging in organized criminal activity and one count of aggravated assault with deadly weapon. Pipps is also charged with an additional count of aggravated assault and two counts of aggravated kidnapping.

According to an arrest affidavit, investigators interviewed a man on Jan. 9 who admitted to being the one who kicked the doors in on the homes and several of the outbuildings and shops. He said once inside the buildings, he stole several items as well as four-wheelers. the man took investigators to two locations where they were able to recover the property.

A second man also confessed to assisting in the burglaries. When he was interviewed, he said he and the first man were at a home in Tyler County with Pipps, Chambless and Woosley and that Pipps approached both of them with a gun in his hand and said they were to get into the car to "go make some money."

He said Pipps told them they were going to break into some places on County Road 64 and they would be the ones to do it or "he was going to kill them and their families." He said he felt Pipps would hurt them if they did not do as told.

He said once they had finished, Pips told him to drive to a location where Chambless and Woosley were waiting for them. He said Woosley then walked up to the first man and told him he wanted the .45-caliber that he had from the burglaries but the man said he wanted to keep it. The second man said Woosley then took a .22 and stuck it under the first man's chin and said he was going to take the gun, so the first man gave it to him.

The second man said Chambless had a compound bow and arrow pointing at him and ready to shoot at the same time.

The second man said they then divided the stolen items between Pipps, Chambless and Woosley and then left.

Pipps is being held on a $250,000 bond, while Woosley's is at $210,000. Chambless's has yet to be set.

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