Restaurant Report - Angelina County 02/09/17

CVS No. 6827 at 923 Frank Street; 7 demerits for shelving in reach-in cooler needed to be cleaned fans in reach-in cooler needed to be cleaned, self-closure at rear exit needed to be cleaned, employee hand washing signs needed for both bathrooms, thermometers needed in all coolers and freezers, and mop sink not accessible at all times.

Area Lakes Catfish (mobile unit) at 707 Timberland Drive: 4 demerits for hot water needed at all hand sinks and food in cooler not properly date-marked.
Applebee's at 4609 S. Medford Drive: 4 demerits for all scoops didn't have handles, sanitizer solution needed to be replaced, sanitizer bucket needed to be replaced, leak at hand sink needed to be repaired, and personal drinks not stored separately from food prep area.

Angelina Airport Café at 800 Airport Road: 3 demerits for raw eggs stored above ready-to-eat foods.

Area Lakes Catfish at 707 N. Timberland Drive: Spray bottles not labeled properly.

Dollar General No. 6268 at 2422 E. Denman Ave.: 3 demerits for toxic items stored above single-service items.

Target at 4200 S. Medford Drive: 1 demerit for general clean needed inside reach-in cooler.

Another Just Kidz at 3024 Ted Trout: 0 demerits.