Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital EMT students 'dispatched' to mock casualty scenario

Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital EMT students 'dispatched' to mock casualty scenario
Mock crash involving two vehicles. (Source: KTRE)
Mock crash involving two vehicles. (Source: KTRE)

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Emergency service professionals save lives every day.

Training the mind to stay calm under high pressure circumstances takes a lot mental practice and for that reason Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital EMT class used their classroom skills at the annual field day. More than 20 students took part in the mock training.

The scene, a two vehicle car crash involving lives of 12 injured people.

"Our number goal in a mass casualty incident is to provide the most effective health care for the most amount of people as efficiently and as safely as possible," said Tyler Conner, a student taking the course.

Students said coming into situations such as this, they were faced with uncharted waters.

"I don't think it comes naturally to anybody. I think that what happens is the more experience you get with this sort of scenario, this type of situation, you learn how to control your own self physiology," Conner said.

Instructors with the course say real life scenarios help build the student's performance within a controlled environment.

"They know they're not going to kill anyone but they do still feel the pressure of having to be in charge and having to lead their group," said Jeremiah Barnard, course instructor.

A big challenge teacher said students face is combing through the layers of distractions during mass casualty scenes.

Despite the exhaustion and the high stress situation, practice help improve how to gauge traumatic situations.

"When you see it and it's traumatic or it's gruesome, you have got to step back and think, alright what do I need to take care of and jump into it," said Katy Peeler, student.

Their biggest lesson they pass on: don't become the patient.

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