Zavalla city council member responds to mayor investigation

ZAVALLA, TX (KTRE) - A Zavalla City Council member has released a statement in connection to allegations that she reported the mayor to Texas Rangers for a criminal investigation.

Pam Hooks asked the statement not be edited.

"The city of Zavalla is insured by the Texas Municipal League. In order to maintain coverage  with T.M.L. all laws and regulations must be followed by the City or we are at risk of loosing our coverage. 

     T.M.L. was contacted in reference to gifts being given out as door prizes to those who attended a non employee Christmas party, hosted by Mayor Carlos Guzman at the expense of the citizens of Zavalla . We were informed that this was illegal and needed to be taken care of.

     As Mayor Pro-tem I spoke with other elected Council Members about the laws T.M.L. said were broken. One Council Member spoke with our Mayor and the Council Member reported back that the Mayor Guzman stated,  " I'm not worried about it".  It was at this time I felt we were in agreement that it was our responsibility to present all information to the D.A. so that it could be investigated by a unbiased third party.

    No matter what this investigation finds; I will always maintain that I did what I felt was right for the City of Zavalla as a elected official. As well as maintaining a healthy relationship and continuing our insurance coverage with T.M.L."

The Texas Department of Public Safety has confirmed the Texas Rangers are conducting an investigation. Guzman has said that he has reimbursed the city $579 at the advice of the city attorney.

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