East Texas students express views on Presidents Day

East Texas students express views on Presidents Day
Huntington Middle School students discuss President's Day. (Source: KTRE)
Huntington Middle School students discuss President's Day. (Source: KTRE)

Presidents Day was originally celebrated in 1885 in recognition of George Washington's birthday, however, across the nation, we now celebrate the day honoring all U.S. President's past and present.
Amidst all the changes happening in Washington D.C. expected during the first weeks of a new presidency, our country is navigating a new era of politics.

The young minds who are learning all about American history expressed their words of wisdom on Monday at Huntington Middle School.

"President's Day is where we honor our past presidents in one day," said Ricky Bautista, an 8th grade student.

Many of the said the nation's first president is their favorite.

"We can take one man's career that he did when he was younger and turn it into a holiday of everyone celebrates it," said Garrett Basey, a student fascinated by Washington.

With a plenty of history attached to this day, these student also keep up with current events and have formulated their own thoughts with the developments in D.C. and our current commander-in-chief.

"I think he's done a lot of stuff already and he's only been in office for a month," said Jazmyne Galloway. However, on the flip side, student Kylie Malone said, "When he (President Trump) was talking about make America great again, (I was) like when was it not good? I didn't remember a time when America was at solemn peace, moment where everything was perfect." 

With only one month in office, the 45th president is taking an unconventional route unlike past predecessors and these students are noticing.

"He's out of the ordinary. When he first got in office, he was already starting. Most presidents soak it in and then they start," said Trevor Reppond, a student.

Regardless on which end of the spectrum you prefer, one student has a key message on this President's Day.

"There is going to some aspects where he is going to be a good president, and there's going to be some aspects where he's not going to be a good president," Galloway said.

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