Liver Transplant Survivor Has A Special Delivery

Kelly Musick-Smith and her new baby go home this weekend. Unlike her other trips to Memorial hospital, this was a short visit, and a pleasant one.

Kelly shocked hospital staff by giving birth after two liver transplants. She had the first transplant when she was just four years old, and the second one in 2000.

"I believe that's the reason why we have a healthy baby, is because we put it in God's hands and he came through for us just like he always has," said Kelly.

This is the first baby for Kelly and her husband, Jason. They've only been married a year, but they're not planning to have any more kids.

Jason said, "This is going to be it. We feel like we've been blessed with this and we're going to take it and run with it, and raise this one and spoil him, and you're going to hear about him."

Visitors have been streaming in and out of Kelly's room since baby Karson was born just before 1:00 a.m. Thursday morning. One of those visitors is Shirley Dixon. She first met Kelly when she was born 24 years ago, and helped treat her during those painful hospital visits.

Dixon said, "When I learned [Wednesday] that she was back there in labor, well, I was very excited to see her because I remember when she was born and the problems that she had. I remembered her specifically because of her liver problems."

Proving that miracles, no matter how small, still happen, and the best things usually come in tiny packages.

Baby Karson was born five weeks early. He weighs a healthy three pounds and six ounces.

Kelly is also doing well. She takes medication every day to keep her body from rejecting the transplant.