Lifeguards & Parents Share Pool Responsibility

A lifeguards' job carries a huge amount of responsibility. But when using a community pool that responsibility also falls on the shoulder of parents. The combination of lifeguards and parents working together can help reduce potential danger when kids go swimming.

At a swimming pool trouble can happen in a blink of an eye. Emergency action plan drills are practiced daily by lifeguards at the Maroney Pool in Nacogdoches. Pool staff also meets twice a month for day long training. All this builds confidence, something you want from your child's lifeguard. Lifeguard Katie Boiles said, "Even in panic and everything I know it would still work out because it is so ingrained."

Lifeguards usually love their jobs, yet nothing irks them more than "Parents who come and drop their kids off and who don't show any concern about what happens," said Assistant pool manager, Alex Aucoin. Something parent Teresa Layton doesn't want to be guilty of. "The lifeguards have boo-koo of kids to watch, not just one kid, but when I am here I can keep my eyes on my child at all times."