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Sixth annual Nacogdoches Film Festival features “Apollo 13” screenwriter

(Source: KTRE) (Source: KTRE)
Screenwriter Al Reinert. (Source: KTRE) Screenwriter Al Reinert. (Source: KTRE)
Actress and author Amber Benson. (Source: KTRE) Actress and author Amber Benson. (Source: KTRE)

The Nacogdoches Arts Alliance concluded its sixth annual Nacogdoches Film Festival Sunday.

Among the guests, the twice Academy-Award Nominated screenwriter of Apollo 13 and actress and author Amber Benson who played a role in Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

Reinert said he loves the energy a festival brings being surrounded with similar film buffs.

“Most Americans do, I grew up watching movies, watching television and I thought, one, I mean it would be cool to try to do that and two, it can't be that hard,” Reinert said.

He has a deep passion to learn and explore space. For that reason, it made perfect sense after many hours of research in his documentary film All Of Mankind paid off when he was given the opportunity to write the screenplay for Apollo 13 which earned him an Oscar nomination.

In addition, actress Amber Benson’s film Drones was part of the festival lineup. Since her role in the television series, Benson co-directed the film, and also authored several films.

“I’m a big supporter of film festivals, because I feel like independent film, although this is changing, but previously, independent film wasn't given a venue in smaller towns,” Benson said.

With technology and the ability to stream online, audiences are just a click away.

“We have a lot of streaming opportunities for independent cinema, so I feel like that's starting to change. People in Nacogdoches get to see things that people in LA and New York are watching because they're watching online,” Benson said.

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