Hudson native named first East Texas Stanford University mascot

Hudson native named first East Texas Stanford University mascot
Source: Tyler Clark

HUDSON, TX (KTRE) - Tyler Clark, a junior from Hudson, is the first East Texan to be named the Stanford University Tree mascot.

He grew up in East Texas, but California was calling his name for college.

Three years ago, when he stepped on the campus, he said he discovered two very important things.

"Yeah I took one look at the campus and thought I want to go to school here, and then I saw the tree mascot and thought, I want to be that guy jumping around in there," Clark said.

Maybe it was his experience in the piney woods that prepared him for his tree duties, but whatever the reason, it is a title he is honored to hold.

"I think I am still in shock for getting it, it was definitely the happiest moment of my entire life," Clark said.

Besides representing the university at sporting, and community events he said the process of how to audition for the spot is what initially drew him to try out.

"The current tree picks the next one, and it's a two-week process of basically doing whatever you think will impress them, and this usually involves a lot of stunts," Clark said.

Stunts that included him building an entire mini- golf course, eating the world's hottest jalapeno, and many more incredibly daring adventures.

"We definitely go all out, and I definitely made a fool of myself so many times, but in the end it's all worth it to get to represent your school," Clark said. "I would definitely encourage anyone from East Texas to tune into the Stanford sporting events, and look for me jumping around like a crazy person."

Clark holds sole responsibility during the events, and performances. Unlike other schools that may have more than one mascot, Clark remains suited up in his tree uniform for the entire game.

"Yes, so I don't get to switch out with anyone. It's all on me the entire time," Clark said.

The long history of the tree mascot which initially began as a joke performance organized by the band, but has now become a staple for Stanford University. That history can be viewed by clicking here.

If you want to learn more about Clark, and his duties as the newest Tree mascot, click here:  

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