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East Texas church members write heartfelt messages on walls

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Members of an East Texas church wrote personal notes on walls which will soon turn into a home.

Four panels were part of Sunday’s service as the congregation came together write messages of hope, love and family which were setup inside the First Baptist Church in Lufkin.

"There's lot of ways to help, but this is a unique way to that we can give back that gets our members involved, giving them an opportunity to be hands-on with their faith and to provide a much needed home for a great family,” said Walker McWilliams, associate pastor and missions minister.

Part of a mission project to build two houses, church organizers brought in the panels which will soon be used during construction.

Adults, even children took turn to write messages most dear to their heart.

Every other year, the church gathers dozens of people to make the trip to help complete the project. 

This year the group will make a trip to a town call Penitas near the border which sits few miles from the Rio Grande River.

Kathy Deal says mission projects are dear to her heart which gives her an opportunity to help other people.

"Some of the homes that they are living in. They're so crammed in these other homes that they are living in. So this is such a gift,” Deal said.

Mark Newton, senior pastor, said involving everyone leaves an everlasting impression especially to the family receiving homes.  

"Just something to know that when you sit in your home after it's all complete that behind that those walls of sheet-rock, under those floors that have been tiled, have been prayers, scriptures, and blessings written by people that you know not,” Newton said. “They really didn't know you but they really touched this home." 

Members will make the journey to border starting at the end of the week and begin laying the foundation. The project will take at least a whole week to complete.

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