Restaurant Report - Angelina County - 03/09/17

Back Porch Grill at 1604 Frank: 6 demerits for soap and paper towels needed at all hand sinks, sanitizer concentration in dish washing machine needed to be increased, and leak at heater/AC unit needed to be repaired.

Bodacious BBQ 521 S. Timberland: 4 demerits for pipe behind ice machine needed to be cleaned and toxic items stored above single-service food items.

Logan's Roadhouse at 4201 S. Medford: 3 demerits for cold-hold items at wrong temperature.

Angelic Cupcakes at 539 S. Chestnut: 0 demerits.

Lia Legit 99 Cakes: 0 demerits.

Daddy's Donuts at 203 N. Timberland Drive: 0 demerits.