Angelina Benefit Rodeo Wrap

Once again, the Angelina Benefit Rodeo was bigger and better than ever.

Tuesday, the Lufkin Host Lions Club presented its annual rodeo wrap. Close to 18,000 people from around the country came to East Texas for the rodeo.

Organizers say there are several things that continue to attract ropers, riders, and rodeo fans to Angelina County each April.

Kevin Langston, president of the Lions Club, said, "We have a good stock contractor; those that are interested in rodeo, they recognize the names. We have a big purse that attracts the good cowboys and cowgirls. I think people respect that and they see that in the quality of the show."

This year's Angelina Benefit Rodeo raised $240,000 for several East Texas organizations, including the Lions Club and the Wilson McKewen Rehab Center.