Lufkin Honors Our Nation's Flag

A lot of flags were flying around East Texas Tuesday. That's because it was Flag Day.

Tuesday afternoon at City Hall Park in Lufkin, an observance was held in honor of our nation's flag. Flags which have flown over our nation's capital as well as the Texas State Capital were presented to Lufkin mayor Louis Bronaugh and local boy scouts helped to raise a new flag at the park.

One of those scouts explained why it was important for us not to forget our country's flag.

"Because it was, you know, it's our freedom. If the United States was never made we wouldn't be here right now. We wouldn't be able to go anywhere we want anytime we want." says Boy Scout Colbert Sheard.

Mayor Bronaugh also issued a proclamation marking the occasion.

Tuesday afternoon's events coincided with National Pause For The Pledge of Allegiance Day.