Power Outages to Thousands of East Texas Homes

by Allison Landry and Stuart Burson

Thousands of East Texans were without electricity Wednesday night. The power was off for customers in at least nine different counties. The counties experiencing power outages included Polk, Liberty, Montgomery, San Jacinto, Trinity, Grimes, Walker, Hardin, and Tyler.

The power outage was apparently caused by a transmission line failure. The failure caused a power plant in Willis to go down. Power is starting to come back on already. Its unclear when the electricity will be totally restored.

The power outage caused many people to travel north into Angelina County. There, many hotel rooms were filled up quickly with people looking for relief from the lack of power.

One hotel clerk we spoke with said they went from 25 vacant rooms to 3 in about three hours.

A gas station attendant we spoke with in Diboll said business had been extremely busy for them as well.