Copy-Woman charged with murder in deaths of Titus Co. family members

TITUS COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - The Titus County Sheriff's Office has been investigating a March 8 case that involved several family members who were shot to death, and one who was strangled, allegedly by people who were high on methamphetamines at the time of the incident. Now, a woman has been charged with murder in the wake of that investigation.

Cheyenne Hayle Bigelow was arrested on March 8, and has been charged with two counts of murder, two counts of aggravated robbery, and possession of a controlled substance less than 4 grams.

According to the sheriff, Michael Laplace, 29, and his accomplice, Cheyenne Bigelow, 18, tried to kidnap a man who lived at a home in the area. Laplace allegedly tied Jerry Burleson up and put him in the trunk of his car. When they got stuck while trying to escape, Laplace asked Burleson's brother, Johnny, to help them get back on the road. When Johnny arrived to help, Ingram said Jerry somehow freed himself, and the two brothers began fighting with Laplace and Bigelow.

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Ingram said gunshots were fired by both parties, and Laplace and Johnny were both killed, while Jerry was seriously injured. The sheriff later said Laplace and the Burleson brothers were cousins, and evidence collected from the scene proved it was Laplace who killed Johnny, though it's unclear whether it was by shooting or stabbing.

Investigators would later discover another crime scene about a mile down the road, which took place earlier Tuesday afternoon. Ingram said it appears as though Laplace and his accomplice went to the home of Sylvester Harnden Jr., who is Laplace's grandfather, with the intent of robbing him. Harnden was not home at the time, but Laplace's grandmother was. Ingram said Laplace tied her up and demanded she give them her bank account and other personal information.

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During the interrogation, Ingram said Sylvester arrived at home. Laplace then tried to get the account information from his grandfather, but when he wouldn't cooperate, it appears as though Laplace strangled his grandfather to death. Ingram said the pair then left Harndan's wife tied up for several hours while they left to rob the Burleson brothers.

Ingram believes both Laplace and Bigelow may have been high on methamphetamines during both robbery attempts, but blood test results are pending.

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