Attorney General Greg Abbott Wishes Texas Dads A Happy Father's Day

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott says dads who pay child support deserve thanks on this Father's Day.  He also has a message for deadbeat dads.  He says his office will find and prosecute you.  Abbott is relentless in his effort.              


Ninety-two percent of the Attorney General's child support cases involve fathers who are required to make payments on behalf of children living with their mothers.  Last year, the AG's office collected a record one-point-six billion dollars in child support, much of it made possible by fathers who make it a priority to pay their child support in full and on time.


Attorney General Abbott says, and research confirms, that fathers who pay regular child support are more likely to provide the emotional encouragement their children need to succeed in life.  In addition, children with engaged caring fathers perform better in school, are more self confident are more likely to exercise self control and are less likely to engage in risky behavior as teenagers.


For those deadbeat dads who don't live up to their child support responsibilities, Abbott says, "If you fail to live up to your responsibility to your children, if you fail to pay child support, we're going to come after you.  We're going to put you in jail until you begin to pay your child support."


Abbott is relentless in his effort, and recognizes those who join in the fight.   He says the hardest is locating these child support evaders. 


If you want more information on child support evaders, visit the Attorney General's where you can view the "Top Ten Most Wanted List of Child Support Evaders" in Texas.