Lufkin powerlifter March Thomas is headed to state

Lufkin powerlifter March Thomas is headed to state

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - A lot of cheers were in order as one specific Lufkin Panther was singled out for his great accomplishment on Wednesday. March Thomas is headed to state in powerlifting.

Thomas lead the parade through the Lufkin High School hallways as the students gathered for a proper send off to state.

As if going to state wasn't impressive enough, Thomas is headed to the big stage after just his first year ever powerlifting.

The junior lifted over 1,500 pounds at regionals to qualify for the state tournament. Thomas can squat 570 pounds, he can bench press 395 pounds and dead lift 535 pounds which he considers his "weak spot."

Thomas admits it takes a certain mindset to be able to throw around that much weight.

"Personally, you got to think of something that kind of makes you mad. To get that way you got to think of something to put that extra bit in you. You can't just be calm you. You got to liven yourself up," said Thomas. "I think it's going to be loud with everybody cheering. It's state. They're going to see some weight lifted. It's going to have my adrenaline rushing. My dad's going to be there too. He's going to be yelling in the background."

The state powerlifting tournament will be in Abilene on Saturday. Thomas will be in the 242 weight class.

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